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    Burying the St. Joseph Statue to Help Sell Your Home

    Some homeowners have heard of this practice and it is well known and used by many real estate agents across the country, myself included.  This article from the St. Joseph website gives the background on the practice and steps for doing it for your home.  Read here for the entire article.

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    Getting Your Home Ready for Winter

    Although we didn’t expect winter weather to arrive this early in the season, it is knocking on our door.  If you haven’t planned to get your house ready for winter weather yet, it’s a good idea to start now.  This article by Bob Vila about Winterizing on a Budget has some easy to follow and helpful […]

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    Simple Ways to Add Pizzazz To Your Home When Expecting Visitors

    Homeowners are usually looking for the easiest , least time consuming, and least expensive way to add some pizzazz to their homes.  This article from a recent This Old House Newsletter gives some easy and simple tricks to get your home looking great.  Click the pararaph below for the full article Replant entry pots with winter-hardy […]

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    Scary but Important Tips on Identifying Sex Offenders in a Neighborhood

    As a REALTOR®, I work with many singles and families with children of all ages.  Parents are always very interested in knowing which are the best schools for academics and extracurricular activities; but sadly, I find that some forget to conduct their due diligence when it comes to checking if their potential new neighborhood has […]

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    Watching Over Your Home Remodeling Project and Staying on Budget

    When taking on a home remodeling or renovation project, homeowners often run into surprises, most of them happy surprises but sometimes, no so happy,  The not so happy surprises come about when the homeowner forgets to include key pieces of the project. Click the link below for an article about this in Forebes Magazine Online […]

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    Thinking of Creating a Home Office?

    Many professionals find that having a home office can make it easier to stay home for an appointment, take care of sick family members, or just plain get a day away from the office.  If you’re thinking of this, the following article might give you some ideas. https://www.zillowpress.com/richmondhomes/wp-admin/post-new.php

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    Agent and Client Safety

    Friends and clients, or potential clients…we have recently seen stories about real estate agents being attacked, murdered, or sexually assaulted in other parts of the country.  Sadly, there is a report of one of our  local agent having been sexually assaulted.  This is why you will know why we INSIST on knowing who we are […]

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