She is ultimately the very best in the business!

I relocated to Georgia state 3 years ago and had my house on the market several times with different agents but it never sold probably due to the housing market collapse and the inexperience of the agents i used. I decided to buy a house in GA and was helped by a wonderful agent who I shared my Virginia state property predicament with, she did her research and said I have someone I need you to try she has very good ratings and experience. I took with with a pinch of salt but still decided to try her out. Deb was the greatest thing that happened to me this year! She is simply amazing and awesome, she was very prompt at following up with me, showed great skills and excellent knowledge of the entire process, she was very polite, patient, honest and respectful. My property sold less than two months after i met her, She is ultimately the very best in the business! My family and i are eternally and immensely grateful to Deb for what she has done for us. We are blessed to have met her, I sincerely recommend her.

How likely are you to recommend Deb Orth?

highly likely